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Your premium Master Calculus membership will give you access to a library of 5-15 minute video lectures on just about every facet of calculus.  Get the advantage of seeing expert explanations of main concepts, definitions and theorems, and seeing multiple examples solved by a calculus pro.

Benefits for Students

  • Have access to your own, private, virtual tutor for the low cost of just $9.95 per month!
  • Watch awesome Calculus lectures: what you want, when you want.
  • Get a second perspective on Calculus that complements your professor's.
  • Miss a class?  Catch up by watching lectures on the topics you missed.
  • Can't understand a concept?  See it explained by a Calculus pro.  Sometimes it only takes the right explanation to make something click.
  • See a wide variety of Calculus word problems expertly worked out. 
  • Gain problem-solving tips and insights that will help you excel on your exams.
  • Learn at your own pace:  watch lectures at your convenience, work out story problems on your own before seeing them worked out in the video lectures.
  • Connect with other members on our Forum:  ask questions about topics that still confuse you, and get responses from other Master Calculus members.

Monthly Membership

  • One affordable price!
  • No gimmicks or complicated plans!
  • Get unlimited access for just $9.95 per month!
  • Cancel any time.
  • Still not sure?  Get a free 3-day trial membership to check it out!
$9.95 per month

Benefits for Instructors

Recommend MasterCalculus.com as a course supplement.  

  • Master Calculus will give your students access to high quality supplemental class instruction. 
  • Your students will gain the benefit of seeing material presented from a new perspective, or a complementary one that reinforces what you teach.  Sometimes it just takes hearing the material from a new point of view to make it click.
  • Good math tutors are hard to find.  Master Calculus provides a low-cost alternative for students to have a virtual tutor on tap in the privacy of their own homes. 

Require MasterCalculus.com to enhance your course.

  • Teach Calculus using a "Flipped Classroom Pedagogy":  require students to watch key lectures online and spend more class time interacting more with your students, leading students in debates about the concepts, and spending more time working problems and engaging students in creative problem solving. 
  • Use a traditional / flipped classroom hybrid approach.  Assign some lectures for students to watch on their own, and cover others in class. 
  • Unlike with MOOC's, Master Calculus allows you to leverage technology in your classroom as a supplement--not a replacement. 

Calc I Student, Winter 2004, U. Mich.

Jared was the best math instructor I have ever had.  He definitely has an amazing ability and was always excited to share his wealth of mathematical knowledge with all of the students in his class. Great job! :)

Calc II student, Summer 2007, U. Mich.

This was a fantastic class!  Coming in, I was pretty much dreading it, but ended up actually enjoying going to class (crazy, I know).  I learned a lot!  GREAT class, Thanks!! :)

Calc I Student, Winter 2004, U. Mich.

Jared was very involved, energetic, he made you want to do Calculus. 
! Yay for Integrals !

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